We’ll save you the vertically scrolling web page, the immersive “hero” photo, and a few number counters to show off some achievements (one of those numbers being quirky of course). Here’s the deal about us…

Poise Media started in 1999 by Val Katayev, quickly discovered the power of paid search marketing and built performance-based campaigns for 800 brands with paid search at its core. This is years before Google became a brand we know today, and many years before paid search was a well-known marketing channel that dominates 60% of digital advertising. Quickly rising to be one of the largest SEM advertisers during the industry’s formative years of 2000 through 2006, the company started expanding into other forms of advertising. First category we tackled in 2006 was contextual and native formats, yet another category that blew up in later years.

With the success and experience in marketing and adtech, since 2008 Poise Media is focused as a launch-pad and an “idea-lab” for breeding new companies with heavy emphasis on advertising and marketing. The company's direct and indirect spin-offs from Poise Media include ToneFuse (spun-off in 2009, acquired in 2013), ToneMedia (spun-off in 2012, acquired in 2013), and MobileFuse (spun-off in 2010, a 2-time Crain's Fast 50 company).

Today, the company is developing new projects, and to strengthen the ability to launch those projects, the group includes Poise Ventures to finance them. Poise Ventures also funds other startups and in many cases advises them on many aspects including advertising.

For more about our founder and some of Poise Media’s affiliated companies: